Our Mission


To unify, strengthen, and inform the parenting community!


Our Goals


1. Help parents with time management skills so they can spend more time with their KIDS!

2. Rally parents to collaborate with each other in the best interest of the KIDS!

3. Celebrate the successes parents achieve with the KIDS!

4. Improve quality of life for parents and the KIDS!

5. Leave a better parenting legacy for the KIDS!


About The Founders


Hogan Hilling
Hogan Hilling is a dad of three children. Hilling is the Author of the DADLY book series. He has authored eight published books with more DADLY books to follow. Hilling has appeared on OPRAH, ABC’s Fathers and Sons Documentary, NBC’s The Other Half, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and New York Times.

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
Dr. Elise Cohen Ho offers 25+ years of experience as a Youth Counselor in New York’s Juvenile Detention System, as a Research Scientist studying the effects of alcohol use and abuse on the family unit, as a licensed childcare provider, as a Wellness Coach for the YMCA’s youth program, and as a Healthy Living and Relationship Coach.

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho holds doctoral degrees in Naturopathic Psychology and Natural Medicine in addition to holding degrees and/or certifications in Sociology, Nutrition, Herbalism and other healing modalities. Elise  is a Motivational Speaker, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, professional blogger and a married mother of three.

Shawn Fludd
Shawn has been a parent since the young age of 16. He is currently in his thirties with a 20 year old, 4-year old, and 2-year old. Shawn and his wife are pregnant, expecting their new child in April 2016. He has learned something new with each child. He is also the co-founder of Bear & Boo Children’s Boutique , which sells trendy and affordable accessories for babies and toddlers. He is passionate about mentoring youth and giving back to help those in need.