Mom Classes

United We Parent will provide a progressive and inclusive class for  moms. This class is based on the premise that the best resource moms have to become better parents is other moms.

UWP Mom Classes will provide topical discussions, practical advice, and support in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Here moms will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges, desires, needs and rewards of being a parent while strengthening family bonds. UWP Mom Classes will be led by Parenting Expert and mother of three, Elise Cohen Ho. Your babies are welcome at these meetings.

United We Parent

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Some of the knowledge a mom will learn from the UWP Mom Class:

  • How to create a healthier relationship with her child, dads and other moms!
  • How to better manage her schedule so she can spend more time with her child!
  • How to share parenting duties with a dad and embrace well deserved “me” time without feeling guilty!
  • How to enjoy and have FUN being a mom and a woman!

UWP Mom Class Fee Options 

UWP Mom’s Package 1: $50. A mom can choose to attend UWP Mom Class up to four times a year, within the calendar year of her registration date.

UWP Mom’s Package 2: $100. A mom can attend unlimited UWP Mom classes throughout the calendar year of her registration date. This package is only available for a limited time. You will also receive a 20% discount code to use at, Bear & Boo Children’s Boutique.

Register for either package HERE.

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