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Boy Story is a Kickstarter-backed company that introduces cool 18” boy Action Dolls, stories, and accessories to the toy market. Our Action Dolls are 18” plush and vinyl dolls with ball joints for extra pose-ability. Our mission is to give kids more choice in play and make the world of toys as diverse as the world we live in. Click on the image to go directly to their website.

Dad Marketing develops and executes strategies that help organizations connect with dads to treat them like equal parents and valued customers: Marketing + Strategy + Communications. We’re the only consulting firm of its kind dedicated to capitalizing on the power of marketing to dads. We believe that today’s modern dads are a valuable piece of today’s marketplace, and that media and marketing relies heavily on time-worn stereotypes which greatly shapes the way we perceive fathers. Dads have long been overlooked as a respected customer segment, and that affects their influence as equal, competent parents, and so we’re helping businesses improve the way they view, treat and serve today’s modern dads by proving it will improve bottom lines. Click on the image to go directly to their website.

Seahorses – A Place for Modern Dads and their Families. Located in Portland, Oregon, Seahorses is the only dad-focused brick-and-mortar parenting store in existence. The store provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere and a color scheme that is essentially gender neutral, but between the walls are items geared toward developing and facilitating the bond that develops between a dad and his children. Seahorses also serves as a social gathering place for dads to bond with their child and other dads; and classes, workshops and events.

Water Scuppers & Bowls provides premium water features to the landscape and pool supply industries. This includes distributors, pool builders, pool designers, landscape architects, landscape designers, commercial companies, commercial contractors and retailers.