How to Send ShareIt From Bluetooth – EASY INSTRUCTIONS

bluetooth shareit app

What is the easiest way to send a ShareIt application from Bluetooth to your mobile phone? We will look at why this is so important, as well as the simple steps required to create this. You can also download shareit here.

How To Do It

Firstly, if you are wondering how to send ShareIt from Bluetooth to your mobile phone, here is how to do it.

  1. Once you have activated the ShareIt application, you can press and hold your handset’s Bluetooth button for at least five seconds, until the ShareIt icon comes up in the list.
  2. Once you do, you will be able to transfer the ShareIt application to your phone, but you must first make sure that the Bluetooth connection between your handset and the ShareIt application is up to scratch.
  3. If you see that the Bluetooth connection is fine, then you are ready to transfer the ShareIt app to your handset. Simply turn the volume down, then connect your handset to your computer.
  4. You will be asked whether you want to install the ShareIt application on your handset. Make sure you choose yes, and then insert the Bluetooth cable into the USB port of your computer.

What Is More?

You can download the ShareIt application from the internet, by searching for the URL provided in the ShareIt’s main website. Once you have obtained the ShareIt application, you can then copy and paste the code found within it into the application’s “Save As” text box. You will be prompted to save the code into the text box, and then press the Send button. Once you have done this, you can then open the ShareIt application, and it will appear as an icon on your screen. You might also want to read about how to download tubemate for windows.


Hunt for the Best Android Media Player App

Media player app

Searching for the best Andriod Media player app?

If you are looking for the best Android Media Player Apps, then you need to know what you are looking for. There are many that have been designed, but none of them are going to do everything that you want to have done. You need to make sure that you are going to find a product that is going to be able to support all of your multimedia needs, and allow you to play just about any video, music, or picture that you want to view on the screen. With so many great options out there, you have to be sure that you are going to find a product that fits your needs the best.

The best Android Media Player Apps is the ones that can offer you the most options and features. This means that if you are looking to purchase one, you need to make sure that it will be able to support your multimedia needs. You want to make sure that you are going to be able to view photos, videos, or anything else that you want to view in order to make sure that you have all of the options that you need. If you are not looking for the best Android Media Player Apps, then you might want to try to purchase something that does what you already want.

Editor selection


MX Player is an OTT platform that offers online streaming of TV Shows, Movies, Web Series, Music & More in HD Quality where you can watch the latest music videos, check out the live news video section, movies and a lot more. .

MX Player offer features like hardware acceleration, which can be applied to more videos with the help of a new H/W decoder. You also have multi-core decoding and custom codec files which test results prove performance boost up to 70% better in dual-core than single-core devices.

Pinch to zoom, zoom and pan. Subtitle gestures: scroll forward/backward to move to next/previous text, up/down to move text up and down, zoom in/out to change text size. It also has a feature called the ‘ Kids Lock’ which allows you to keep your kids entertained without having to worry that they can make calls or touch other apps.


In comparison to other media players apps, it is the most downloaded and used by most of the users around the world. With the new update, the developers have removed some existing codecs from the MX Player. But this issue can be solved by manually downloading the necessary MX Player codecs files.


Compared to other media players. It is the most conveniently used player all around the world which gives high-quality video and good sound effects. It also supports on the desktop. You can easily search mx player on the internet and download anytime. The best part of it is that you can enjoy your movie or audio without ads.

You can easily download the MX Player Custom Codecs for supporting DTS, AC3 audio files. Before start downloading, you need to check the version of the Custom codec files which you want. Just check by going to Settings/Decoder/General in the custom codec tab and it will show you which version is best suited for you. Or click on mx player custom codec.

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How to Verify a PayPal Account [Get Verified Easily]

To be able to get your Paypal account verified, a Credit/Debit Card or a Bank Account is needed to be connected to your Paypal account and account holders will need to go thru some actions to complete the verification.

how to verify a paypal account

Follow the steps below to confirm your Paypal account.

How to Verify PayPal Account

Method 1: Confirm using a credit card connected

Step 1: Log in to Paypal accounts
Login in to your Paypal account and select”Insert or Edit Credit Card”.

Step 2: Fill in ALL the mandatory field
Carefully fill in of the field required and make sure the card number is fulfilled correctly. As shown on your card for the card type, select the same. After all stuffed, click “Insert Card”.

Following the card is added successfully, a small amount wills charge. $1 US Dollar to your card. This fee will be reimbursed within seconds.

Step 3: Ask 4-digit code
After the card added, choose”Add or Edit Credit Card” again and you will notice exactly the same page as shown below. Click”Verify my card” after which the page will show confirmation of this card to be confirmed. After confirmed the card, then click”Continue” and 4-digit code has been requested.

You will be charged a small amount to create the 4-digit code by Paypal, when you’re on this measure. This fee will be automatically reimbursed at the next 3-5 working days.

Step 4: Input Paypal code
Once you received the 4-digit code, then back to the webpage where we insert the credit card then click”Enter Paypal Code”.

Credit card was confirmed and your account is VERIFIED when you’re on this measure.

Method 2: Verify with a bank accounts linked

Step 1: Login to Paypal accounts
Login into your Paypal account and choose”Add/Edit Bank Account”.

Step 2: Fill in ALL the mandatory field
Kindly fill in all of the field required and click on”Continue” to add. If you don’t know your bank MEPS routing code, then you will find it by clicking on the”Details” as shown below.

Following the lender is added, select”Add or Edit Credit Card” again and you’ll notice exactly the identical page as shown below. Click”Confirm” and then”Insert Bank”.

Next, Paypal will ship 2 separate deposits amounts .

Step 3: Input the 2 deposit amounts to complete verification
To be able to complete the verification, after getting the deposits log into your Paypal account, go to”Get Verified” and input the two deposits sums. These deposits will be less than $1.00 and are only forms of verifying your bank account into your PayPal account.

Bank accounts was verified when you’re on this step and your account is VERIFIED.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Question: What exactly does it mean to have a verified PayPal account?
Answer: A confirmed PayPal account means the account is free of the constraints placed on non-verified accounts, such as reduced sending fees and amounts. You can get this status in your account by giving your bank information (account, debit or credit card) into PayPal.

Question: Can I use my PayPal accounts without verifying it?
Answer: Without verifying payments to be received by it, you may use PayPal accounts. Without verification though, you are going to be restricted in how much money you can withdraw from your account to a bank account (how much this limitation depends on the policy related to your country). Additionally, verified PayPal users have fewer limitations and pay fewer charges.

Question: How long does it take to get a PayPal account to be confirmed?
Answer: Verification for a PayPal account will take around 2 to 3 times. Contact PayPal aid for advice, in your country if it takes longer than that.


I guess you will now be able to verify your PayPal account without any worries. If you need help, you can contact PayPal’s customer service so they can assist you. Or, you can also drop us a comment below. Our team is willing to help you.

Download MX Player Pro APK (Latest Version 2020)

Download MX Player Pro APK from this page. If you want to get a premium version of MX Player, we can help you do that. Remember, the process we have here will not cost you any amount. So get this amazing media player for free by following the steps below.

One of the most prominent media players you can get for your Android device is the MX Player. It has two version – free and premium. The former is totally free, while the latter is a paid version.

It is amazing to use a pro version of MX Player if it doesn’t cost any amount. But since not all cannot afford to have the premium one, we have to settle using the free version which has limited features and functionalities.

In this article, you’ll be able to get the premium version of MX Player using the APK. That just needs few steps to achieve.  So, here we go!

Download MX Player Pro APK

Step 1. Click the link to download the MX Player Pro APK.

Step 2. Go to your device settings and find the security options. Under Security, enable the Unknown Sources to allow installations from other sources.

Step 3. After that, go back to your downloaded file and begin installing the app by clicking on the APK file.

Step 4. Wait for a few seconds until installation finishes.

Step 5. Once done, you will see the icon for MX Player on your screen. That means you have successfully installed MX Player Pro APK.

Step 6. To use the app, just tap on its icon and there you have it!

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that MX Player Pro APK can give you the best experience in playing your media files. Aside from getting it for free, you’ll be able to use it to the full extent and without any limitations.

We hope this tutorial helped you. If you need more help, please contact us through the comment section below. Our team from United We Parent is very much willing to help you.